A Farewell to Summer

Youth Back 2 School Rally

Dates: August 11th - 13th.

Time: 6:30pm - 9pm Thursday and Friday. Saturday from 10am to 3:00pm.

Audience: All Youth, but a focus on youth leaders in High school organizations and other church youth groups.

Location: The Nile Theater (Hingepoint Church)

Purpose: To equip youth for the coming school year, prepare them to share the gospel and make disciples, and exhort and encourage them as they start the year. We hope to give tangible tools to both the youth and their church/school teams to help them continue to train and teach after the rally is done.

In order to achieve this, the rally focuses on spending Thursday and Friday night proclaiming the need for Christ and the gospel in us and in everything. These are “character” messages.  Saturday, the focus shifts to “competency” work.  Training and equipping youth for the work to be done. Saturday will include a number of break-out sessions to teach skills in smaller groups.

Tentative Event Schedule:

Thursday - (theme) Beach Night.

6:30pm - 9pm Snacks, meet and greet, games, live Worship Band, Speaker - Pastor Russ Chambers, Hingepoint Church

Friday - (theme) Black Light Party

6:30pm - 9pm Snacks, meet and greet, games, live Worship Band, Speaker - Sherann Kim, Student Evangelism Specialist, California Southern Baptist Convention.


10:00 am - 3:00pm Arrive, doughnuts, music, two large sessions on sharing the Gospel and sharing your story.  Lunch. Three Breakout session periods and a send off from 12:30 - 3:00pm.

Cost: Free.  We will have additional snacks and drinks for sale at the snack bar, but some snacks, water bottles, doughnuts (Saturday) and lunch (Saturday) will be included for everyone.

RSVP: To reserve a spot for yourself or your youth group, please email: Farewell2Summer@hingepoint.cc

Help: We are looking for additional volunteers for the breakout sessions and to volunteer as general help.  If you are interested please email: Farewell2Summer@hingepoint.cc