Beta Groups Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much of a commitment does it take to start a Beta Group?

Beta Groups are only 4 weeks long and then you are done.  However, you need to be able to do all four weeks. Each group will run about 90 minutes, once per week.  You will need to work on inviting people to your group, and will be assigned a coach to talk to you about a strategy to fill your group, invite your friends, and even participate in a connection event if you need more people.


2. What if I’m not much of a leader?

You don’t need to know how to lead or teach to start a Beta Group.  The content is provided for you as are the questions.  You may need to help facilitate the discussion by making sure you or someone reads the questions.  Additionally, you will be encouraged to really pray for the members of your group during the 4-week period.  Your Beta Group coach will be praying for you and your group during the month.


3. Does it need to be at my house?

A Beta Group doesn’t have to be at a house, but we find it works better in a home than other places.  If you can reserve a private enough venue, with access to Internet and a TV, you can probably use other venues.  This is a great conversation to have with a Beta Group coach.


4. What happens after 4 weeks?

You are done with your commitment. We will ask each member of your group to fill out a brief survey telling us how it went. Your group can collectively choose to stop meeting completely and go your separate ways. Optionally, we will provide you with 3 or 4 Next Step options. Things like: Discipleship Classes that are starting after your group is done or outreach events/items your group might want to do. All the Next Steps are optional.


5. What happens if someone asks me a question about the Bible that I don’t know the answer to?

Tell them you don’t know, but you’ll find out. Then, ask your Beta Group coach.  They are a great resource for you.


6. How do I get people to come to my group?

The best way is to invite people that you know, particularly those that aren’t in any sort of group. Additionally, your Beta Group coach will help you strategize and get you ready for the connection event if you need it.


7. What will we do with our kids during group?

There are many options for groups with kids.  Some groups have older siblings that watch the kids in another room of the house.  Some groups keep infants with them throughout.  Some groups pool money together and hire a babysitter.  These and more options are things to discuss with your Beta Group Coach.